We are building a rune ecosystem

Open source

Open source is the first step for web3.

Image Rune

Image Rune is similar to ERC1155 NFT. Image and metadata will be stored on Chain.

Experimental image rune swap

This is a new attempt to trade image rune.


You must approve first when you trade ERC20 assets on Uniswap. Because ERC20 don't support callbacks after transfers. And many losses are caused by approval. ERC1155 is an advanced protocol than ERC20. So we want to build a non-approval swap based on Ethrunes.

Wrap/Unwrap ERC20 assets

Ethrunes supports wrap/unwrap valuable erc20 assets. So wrapped ERC20 can be used on Ethrunes Swap.


Bridging bitcoin assets to Ethrunes to give BTC assets more possibilities. Bitcoin and Ethereum are not hostile. We need to combine the strengths of each.

  • Bridge brc20 assets to Ethrunes

  • Bridge Bitcoin runes to Ethrunes

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